Principal’s Message:

Principal’s message

ACEC Principal – Jemima Cutfeet

Welcome to the ACEC website.  It is my belief that all students deserve a quality education with dedicated, caring and hard working staff.  We continue to make efforts to meet this goal.  We strive to make this a safe school for your children.  A safe school can happen when everyone communicates and works together.  We encourage all parents to keep the communication lines open by providing contact numbers and arrange meetings if the need arises.  Please pre-arrange meetings as this allows you as a parent to have uninterrupted discussions with your child’s teacher.

This year we welcome back Art Sampson as our social counsellor.  Art first worked with us in 2010.  Art is available to sit in on your meetings and will also be arranging home visits throughout the year.  You may also call him to let him know your child will be away from school.

Please check our website periodically to keep updated about the happenings at ACEC.  We will be posting any school events and school closures that may occur during this year.  Again please provide your phone number to the school (537-2264) .  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at