Philosophy of Education

Learning is a life-long continuing process and a love for learning needs to be instilled within each child at home, school and in our community.  ACEC believes that school is much more than academics: it is also about the emotional, spiritual and physical development of each child.  As part of our effort to help or students accomplish this, we offer both a bilingual and bicultural education program that encourages the richness of their cultural heritage.

In the past, indigenous peoples were both self-reliant and thus self-determining.  This was achieved despite hardship, and indigenous peoples thrived through their self-understanding and their connection to : family, community, the land and the Creator

Nowadays many young people are losing touch with themselves and these sacred connections.  As they slowly lose their language and culture, many seek fulfillment through material things and other empty pleasures and find themselves lacking a sense of well-being and purpose.  It is our goal to help our young people develop a positive sense of self and become happy, capable and confident people.