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Mission Statement

We will provide quality education in a safe and secure learning environment that will develop the full potential of each child and encourage the involvement of parents and the community in the school and education program

Land-based Education


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Land-based Learning provides an opportunity for students to experience “Walking in Two Worlds”.  Walking in Two Worlds and Two-Eyed Seeing from Elders and other community members of Big Trout Lake.

ACEC’s student body learns about Mother Earth through the teachings of Elders. Students gain confidence in what they are capable of while learning to encourage and support others who may be of different heritage. Students of First Nations and Métis heritage learn about their own cultures and begin to truly understand their own culture, while others who may not have been knowledgeable about other cultures learn a respect for the beliefs of others.

Outdoor Fun

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ACEC encourages outdoor activities that our students earn by participating in class and practicing positive behaviour at school.

Spring Events at ACEC

 April 11-12 – Mid-term exams for high school – Good luck high school students!

April 18 Career Fair –  Contact Clinton James at the school. 537.2264

Art Show – May 16 – Contact Ron Ballantyne at the school. 537.2264

Science Fair – May 31  – Contact Dave Vezina at the school. 537.2264


Sobriety Walk

Our sobriety walk this year was a great success.  ACEC’s goal was to create awareness around chemical dependency.  The enthusiasm if the students was incredible, as well as the amazing signs designed by the Grade 5 class and Ron Ballantyne.  Our young people are the future of this community and country and creating awareness about drug and alcohol addiction and the problems they cause families was well heard by ACEC’s students.  Way to go kids!!!

Wireless device policy


As of September 2013, the use of iPods, iPhones, cell phones, ipads and any other electronics that are not designated for classroom use will not be permitted during class time.

As well, KEA and ACEC are not responsible for the safekeeping or the replacement fo these items should they get stolen, lost and/ or damaged on school property. No exceptions.

Thank you,

ACEC administration / KEA

Students @ Work


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