About Us

ACEC offers programs from JK to gr10 and has approximately 300 students and 30 administration, faculty and staff.  ACEC offers its students the opportunity to acquire a holistic education in a safe and caring environment.  ACEC believes that the greater community, parents and guardians and the school staff working together can contribute significantly to a students cognitive social, emotional and physical development.  Well-being is a new initiative ACEC is implementing school – wide.

ACEC emphasizes academics and encourages students to put forth their best efforts.  Characteristics such as originality, tenacity, honesty, fairness and dedication are valued and students are encouraged to strive towards these ideals.  Our students are expected to behave in a mature, age-appropriate manner and to be good citizens of both our school and the greater community.


Update: new school coming soon! Read the CBC-Thunder Bay article here